How they work ?

Protecting eyes from the sun is very important. UV rays are harmful to your eyes, as they can cause multiple diseases. All quality glasses must have the UV400 filter. So, what better way to protect your eyes from the sun then with a modern sunglass?

The lenses of our glasses apart the UV filter are also polarized. What does this mean? Imagine the typical scene in front of the sea and the light reflected in the water enters directly into your eyes.

That light can be annoying and, besides, it would not let you enjoy the sea. Therefore, the polarized lens prevents that light from reaching your eyes, that is, you see everything except those reflections.

The same thing happens on the road, that's why the glasses Wizont are suitable for driving. The lenses are category 3. Category 3 is nothing else that the percentage of light retained by the lens. In this case it is from 80 to 90%. In other words, these glasses can be worn everyday and for any ocation. Hey, but beyond all this, how good you look with them!

How to clean ?

There are many ways to clean the glasses, some better than others. Can be washed with soap and water, in this case remember to rinse them after.

Some people clean them with the reverse part of the shirt, although it is not the best way because the fabric can be dirty and loose lint : - /.

There are also special liquids for lens cleansing, but have one of those always with you...

The best way is to clean with a microfiber cloth that is included with the glasses. It does not weigh, is effective and fulfills the function.

The better you take care of your glasses the longer you'll enjoy them. So, do not put them with the lenses facing down side to avoid the scratches when not in use. Always put them in the pouch what is also included with the glasses.

So, enjoy your sunglasses Wizont! B-)